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Awarded SS  Global Star of the Year Worldwide  1/01/2022

Awarded MMR Male Artist of the Year 12/06/21

Awarded  ISSA Acoustic Artist of the Month 09/2021

Awarded  ISSA Vocalist of the Year - Silver 08/14/21

Awarded SS Male Artist of the Year 7/24/21

Awarded SS Country Performer of the Year 7/24/21

Awarded SS Best Overall Artist of the Year 7/24/21

Awarded SS Best New Country Original: "That Guy" 7/24/21

Fan Choice Male Artist of the Year 2020

Awarded SS Songwriter of the year 8/20/22
Awarded SS best holiday song of the year for "this time Of Year" 8/20/22
Awarded SS Best Collaboration of the year for "eyes on You" 8/20/22


8/6/22 Winner:

Album Of The Year - Gold "Texas Tour" International Singer Songwriters Association

Award Show in Atlanta, Ga.  8/6/22

Country Artist receives Gold for Texas Tour album
GOLD award for Texas Tour album for Hunter Lott
Country Artist Hunter Lott Toured Texas and was awarded Gold for his Texas Tour album
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