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I Stand My Ground - Lyric Video

Honky Tonk Special - Lyric Video

"Drag You Down" music video was released 9/6/21.  "Drag You Down" theme song for the western movie VERNON dropped everywhere 7/30/21

9/6/21 - Official Video "Drag You Down" from the motion picture "Vernon"
also starring Hunter Lott aka Travis Clayton

"Can't Wait For That Day"

was filmed successfully on 3/4/21 without incident 

"Can't Wait For That Day"
is a song Hunter wrote about
his grandfather.  If you have
not heard it, it can be heard
everywhere music is streamed or right here just click the
play button!
Huge thank you to, Chris DaQuila, and staff, at "Billy M. King Colonial Chapel," where my grandfather's services were held, for allowing us access to the premises for the shooting of this video which made it very special!!   
Can't Wait For That day
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3/9/21 - Official Video "Can't Wait For That Day 
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