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Nashville's award winning singer-songwriter has stepped into acting!

The western movie, Vernon, a product of

T-eleven productions & Christian Media Films, was released on the streaming

platform, TUBI, on on 7/7/22.

Hunter(AKA TRAVIS CLAYTON), played the lead role as a poor farm boy turned bank robber.  He meets an innocent female along the way, and together, they begin robbing banks.  It's not long, & things take a turn for the worse.  As it turns out, there is more to this female than meets the eye.

Hunter also wrote the theme song for Vernon. Drag You Down became #1 on several indie radio stations. 

Official Movie Trailer below

Click on link below to watch Vernon!

Nashville Country Artist new Western Movie on TUBI
Country Artist whites theme song for New Western Movie
Country Artist lands lead role in Western
Bon Jovi vibe County Western theme song "Drag You Down"

Wednesday, June 2, 2021 Vernon, Alabama News showed up on set

Nashville Country Artist Lead Role in New Western Movie
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Great Interview with WDAM about VERNON on May 7th

Country Artist adventures into acting

Vernon Movie Premier

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