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Just a boy from Mississippi living in Gallatin, TN, STRONG in his faith, praising God for his success, Hunter did not realize his talent until he was almost 17 years old.  

Songwriting at its finest
A conservationist hunter, focusing on the future
Bass Fishing is second stage
Avid Bowhunter

Hunter loves the outdoors.  When Hunter is not writing songs or performing, he spends his spare time hunting and fishing.

When you ask Hunter how his music career began, this is what he will tell you:

"When I was about 8 years old, I received an electric guitar for Christmas, and I didn't really do anything with it.  I just put it in the closet/attic.  In 2016, I lost my grandfather suddenly, and my entire family was in a really bad place.  We weren't really doing much, staying at home mostly, grieving, and one day I pulled that ole guitar out.  It didn't take long before I realized I could actually play it pretty good by ear.  I was jamming Metallica songs pretty well.  I began singing and thought, "hey, that's not too bad."  So, I sang for my parents and watched my mom really come around.  She will tell you to this day that my singing saved her.  They took me to a few music professionals who all said I had a natural talent, and I should pursue a career in music.  I began uploading youtube videos, and that landed me an invite to a radio station's bud-light spotlight.  Next, singing the national anthem at an SEC televised basketball game full of fans, a camera in my face, and I loved it.  I then released my first 6 song "Country Free" EP in 2019.  Soon after that, I began recording in a Nashville studio, filmed my first Western movie the summer of 2021 and moved to Nashville later on that year performing in several establishments on Broadway and throughout Tennessee.  I've been pretty blessed ever since.  I write my own music pretty easy starting with a melody first.  I've had several songs #1 on several indie radio stations for many consecutive weeks and that has landed me several different awards. I really enjoy what I do.  I have great supporters, and I'm not stopping.  My singing saved my family, and if my music can help others like it's already helped my family, then I have purpose."

What is Hunter doing Now?

Now, Hunter and his band enjoy every opportunity that comes their way.  Hunter & his band play a variety of Positive Country Music, Christian, Blues, Electric Blues, and Old Rock n Roll.  Hunter covers todays and yesterdays most popular songs along with his Award Winning Original music that can be found everywhere music is streamed.  

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